TL:DR, or, why I started this blog

When I first thought about starting this blog, I considered naming it “TL;DR” – the popular internet short-hand for “too long; didn’t read” in response to an overly long post on a message board. Or, as I’ve occasionally used it, for “too long; don’t read” as a warning before one of my own posts. I quickly discovered that it was already taken as a title on Blogger, and I figured it wasn’t all that catchy as a title anyway. However, I wanted to find a title that acknowledged that what I’ll probably be writing for the most part – analysis of pop culture products like television shows and video games, as well as occasional Excel-fueled amateur data-nerd musings – is the sort of material that often prompts people to say, “Why are you thinking about this so much? Stop overanalyzing everything.” So “Signal to Noise” seemed like a reasonable choice in place of “TL;DR.” Needless to say, most of my posts should be assumed to have a TL;DR warning.

Anyway, the reason I started this blog was that I have often caught myself writing TL;DR posts on the Bioware Social Network forum (where I also post as FlyingSquirrel) and figured that perhaps these sorts of long-winded ramblings would be better-suited for a blog than a message board. And since I’ve always enjoyed writing, this seemed like a good outlet for it, plus I figure it might give me a reason to finally finish the classic Doctor Who reviewing project that I started an embarrassingly long time ago.

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